The CEYLON MATERIAL (Deleated, banned and removed by Youtube
A compilation of things Ceylon got up to over the last 12 months or so, some more relevant...
published: 03 Apr 2013
author: SriLankerC
Free Men Fight Back Conference 2013 Part 2 [Ceylon]
20th of April 2013, Manchester, England. This conference was about vital information and f...
published: 03 May 2013
A Soldier's Film Journal of Ceylon (Sri Lanka) 1944-1945
Film and Narration by Ettore Porreca (1920-2013) Ettore Porreca was a United States Army ...
published: 26 Nov 2013
CEYLON and BOB HOOD Person to person A conversation a
A one to one talk between Ceylon and Bob Hood about parking tickets....
published: 18 Feb 2013
author: SriLankerC
Inam (Ceylon) - Theatrical Trailer | Select HD
"Inam (Ceylon) - Theatrical Trailer" Starcast: Sugandha Garg, Karan, Nandan & Others Dire...
published: 18 Mar 2014
Peaceful Sri Lanka (Ceylon) in 1948
An old German educational film showing the interior of the island as it looked like after ...
published: 23 Jun 2011
author: MichaelRogge
Old Ceylon
Old Ceylon in 1973 Peaceful Sri Lanka (Ceylon) old ceylon video Documentation of Old Sri...
published: 31 Dec 2013
Ceylon 1955 Reel 7 of 24
1955: Reel 7: Ceylon. July 17-23. Negoma. Colombo. Chilaw. Food cart. Outrigger boats (man...
published: 14 Aug 2012
author: pennmuseum
Tropical Ceylon 1932
A tour of Ceylon (Sri Lanka)in 1932. Map of Indian Ocean, tropical road with wagon, coconu...
published: 19 Apr 2008
Song of Ceylon 1934,Sri Lanka,ශ්‍රී ලංකා
Movie from 1934 made in Ceylon by a team of artists and other local people....
published: 24 Dec 2011
author: NickVenture1
Paradise. Ceylon
Some travel agencies advertised Sri Lanka as a side dish of the Maldives, and that is tota...
published: 06 Apr 2013
Song of Ceylon (1934) by Basil Wright
Ambitious documentary chronicling the cultural life and religious customs of the Sinhalese...
published: 26 May 2008
author: Andrea D. N.
Srilanka (ceylon in 1890's)
srilnka in the 1890's....
published: 06 Aug 2008
Ceylon Tea Trails
Ceylon Tea Trails is the world's first tea bungalow resort connected by hiking trails, sit...
published: 28 Sep 2010
Youtube results:
Can you name... Signature Tunes of Radio Ceylon..
Broadcasting on an experimental basis was started in Ceylon by the Telegraph Department in...
published: 19 Feb 2014
Ceylon My Love 1982
Ceylon My Love 1982 Directed by: Jacques Orth Stars: Chris Murphy, Vera Floux and Dirke ...
published: 03 Jul 2014
08 Ceylon / A British Subject - The Mystery of Edwin Drood
Ceylon / A British Subject (feat. Jessie Mueller, Andy Karl, Stephanie J. Block, Betsy Wol...
published: 26 Sep 2013
Queen In Ceylon (1954)
Colombo, Ceylon (Sri Lanka). CU crowd. Queen Elizabeth II and Duke of Edinburgh stepping...
published: 13 Apr 2014